Orange County Coastal Property

The Orange County coast is one of the most beautiful spots in the world. This beauty is both natural and man-made.

The reason you bought a home on the coast is because of its proximity to the ocean. Don't let that dream turn into a nightmare.

We are fortunate to live here because even though your home may be on the water or within walking distance, we don’t have the same storm concerns that much of the rest of the country has to deal with.

We do however have other concerns such as the California Coastal Commission which is entrusted with telling us how our property can be used, altered or improved.

Coastal property is nothing more than property that is located near the water and sometimes requires more consideration by insurance companies when writing a homeowners policy, or a commercial property policy than those properties located inland. In addition many time coastal properties need to deal with piers and docks that are part of their property. These elements require a different type of underwriting expertise.

Many times these coastal properties are also more vulnerable to potential liability claims because the location has hazards that are not associated with inland properties especially if the property is located in a resort community or recreational area.

A homeowner policy in a coastal area is generally a little more expensive than that for inland properties because of the general nature of the location. The cost of labor and the need for special material may affect the replacement cost of any damage to the property and thus increase the premium on the policy.

Schweickert & Company is located in Irvine, CA which is not a coastal town, but borders on Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, all communities with miles of beach front property mostly residential but with some commercial. We have many clients living in waterfront homes and feel eminently qualified to advise our insured’s regarding their coverage.

If you are not completely happy with all aspects of your current insurance program, give us a call and let Schweickert & Company review it and offer suggestions on possible improvements or at least confirm that your current program is doing a good job for you.

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