California Product Liability Insurance

Wherever you stand in the supply chain of a product, from manufacturer through distributor to retailer, you have a legal responsibility to the end-user that demands the protection of Product Liability Insurance.

Although your commercial General Liability Insurance or business owner's policy may offer a degree of protection, only a specialty Products Liability Insurance plan will cover you against all the potential risks you face.

But to ensure you get that protection, you need to call on the expertise of an experienced provider like Schweickert & Company. The reason is simple: Product liability and consumer laws are an incredibly complex array of regulations covered not only by Federal rules but also individual statutes that vary significantly by state.

Our experts will customize a Product Insurance plan that takes account both of these regulations and also the specific nature of the products you make or supply and the risks associated with them.

This is crucially important because for Products Liability Insurance in California and throughout the U.S., rates are very closely aligned to many aspects including the type of product, its usage, the volume supplied and the materials used.

Schweickert & Company Expertise

Only an expert like Schweickert & Company can ensure that not only are you adequately protected but also that you don’t end up paying for insurance protection you don't need.

We can also deliver some of the most competitive rates available, with additional discounts for deductibles and multiple business policies, where available.

So, even if you already have coverage in place, a no-cost review of your policy by Schweickert & Company experts may highlight opportunities for both savings and more effective Product Insurance coverage.

Your core protection is against liability claims for injury or loss arising from

  • Negligence is the manufacturing, distribution or supply process
  • Defects in the design or manufacture of a product
  • Poor workmanship or materials
  • Failure to warn of defects, potential hazards or risks from using the product
  • Breach of warranty
  • Failure of fitness for purpose or performance claims

Third Party Protection

Our Product Insurance in California and throughout the U.S. will also protect you against third party claims -- that is for groups or individuals who, while they did not buy or acquire the product, are affected by its performance when somebody else did.

That's a broad sweep of potential plaintiffs and, without Product Liability Insurance, you could face significant costs for victims' healthcare, loss of earnings, defense costs and punitive damages.

Bear in mind too that even if a liability lawsuit decides in your favor, you still can face a huge defense bill, sometimes far higher than any settlement might have cost.

The important point to note is that, contrary to popular belief, it's not just the manufacturer of a product that might face a liability claim. Whatever your role in the supply chain, you need that Products Liability Insurance protection.

Take the important first step to getting better protected at the best possible price by using the Schweickert & Company Free Quote request service on this page.

There's neither cost nor commitment on your part but there could be a valuable opportunity to save money and protect your business -- an opportunity not to be missed. So do it right now.

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