Directors And Officers Insurance

If you are a director or an officer of any size company, the specter of being sued for any one of the reasons listed below can be un-nerving to say the least. Directors and Officers Insurance is not very well understood by most people even many corporate executives.

Under a D&O Insurance policy there are two types of wrongful covered acts. The first pertains to Conduct and the second to Status.

  1. Conduct -- any actual or alleged error, misstatement, misleading statement, act omission, or breach of duty by directors or officers while acting in their individual or collective capacities
  2. Status -- any matter claimed against them solely by reason of them being directors or officers of the company.

As you can tell just from these definitions without the help of an insurance broker well versed in D&O Insurance policies, you and your company are playing with a potentially difficult situation.

Schweickert & Company, located in California, has for many years taken care of the insurance needs of clients in all types of businesses. We have client who are for profit and non-profit, large and small, and public and private.

There is a distinction between the policy forms for profit and non-profit policies. Non-profit policy forms are usually broader and will more easily combine coverage to include Employment Practices Liability (EPL) on the same policy along with the D & O Insurance and in some cases Fiduciary Liability.

The for profit company D&O policy is normally a stand along form and if EPL is purchased by the company if will be added by endorsement or purchased on a separate policy.

There are many reasons for companies to consider D & O Insurance not the least of which is that many key potential directors will probably be less willing to serve on a board even a non-profit board if proper D&O coverage is not in place.

Schweickert & Company, Your Insurance Experts

When you become a client of Schweickert & Company in addition to the product knowledge that we bring to the table we also stay on top of the regulatory environment and are aware of case law affecting the D & O Insurance marketplace.

So, even if you already have a Directors and Officers Insurance policy you may find that we can offer better protection at a more competitive price.

Why not find out, for no cost and without obligation, how Schweickert & Company's D&O Insurance knowledge can protect the key people in you organization.

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