Medical Spa Insurance

The already immense scope of today's medical spa procedures is ever-widening, with new technologies and new techniques revolutionizing treatments and outcomes.

In addition to keeping pace with these changes, spa owners must stay up to date with the revised state and Federal regulations that govern them, at the same time as overseeing the complex demands of running a business.

Specialized Medical Spa Insurance is a crucial element of these activities, protecting you against a wide range of hazards including costly lawsuits, which are unfortunately increasing, both in number and cost. Even though most lawsuits either don't get to court, or fail if they do, defense costs can still be huge.

Your Cosmetic Insurance Experts

When you buy MediSpa Coverage, you need to be sure you're getting the protection you need, customized to the specific services and procedures you offer, and that you're not paying for coverage you don't need.

That's why it's absolutely essential you consult a reputable expert who knows how to create an insurance program that fits perfectly with your business.

In that case, you need Schweickert & Company, the people scores of professionals already turn to for MediSpa, healthcare and Business Insurance.

Our MediSpa Insurance program is based on:

  • 35 years of in-depth experience and expertise across this sector.
  • A thorough and constantly updated knowledge of the regulatory framework, both at Federal, FDA and state levels.
  • Our ability to secure the best possible protection from leading insurers at some of the most competitive rates available.

Cosmetic Insurance Benefits

What this means for you is:

  • Personal level attention that ensures your needs are fully understood and met.
  • The broadest possible range of Medical Spa Insurance options including:
    • Professional liability protection for all procedures.
    • Protection against equipment and instrument damage or failure.
    • General business Liability Insurance.
    • Commercial Property Insurance to protect your day- to- day operation from risks like fire, theft, loss of income and business disruption.
    • Employee insurance including healthcare, disability and Life Insurance.
  • Solid value, with potential discounts through our industry connections and for deductibles and multiple policies.
  • Prompt service and support both in solving your MediSpa Insurance questions and providing advice and guidance on making a claim.
  • Regular updates on regulatory and legislative changes and ongoing monitoring of your insurance policy to ensure you remain properly protected.

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Schweickert & Company has built up a sound track record for reliability and integrity, rapid response and sector knowledge, which is available to you right now.

Discover, without either cost or obligation, just how effective our Cosmetic Insurance could be for you, and the difference it could make to your business.

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