Disability Insurance

Safeguarding your future and, in particular, your financial security has never been more important than it is today.

Protection against the potentially devastating consequences of disability – either through injury or sickness – is a crucial element.

Whether you're an employer, self-employed or an employee, disability insurance is a powerful defense against loss of earnings.

You're going to need the experience and expertise of a disability benefits insurance professional to guide you through your options and secure the best coverage at the most competitive rates.

In that case, consult Schweickert & Company, the Irvine, California specialists for insurance for disability.

One specialized type of disability coverage that Schweickert & Company has written for years, are programs for Physicians. We have developed an expertise in programs for both individual physicians and for group long term disability plans for Medical Groups. One of the more popular programs is a voluntary program that can be written for medical groups with a minimum participation of 10 physicians or 25% of the total number of physicians in the group.

Your Insurance for Disability Questions Answered Schweickert & Company can answer your questions about:

  • What is covered and what is not covered by disability insurance. For instance, if it relates to injuries and sickness outside of work, not on-the-job.
  • How it ties in with and relates to workers' comp insurance.
  • Professional Liability
  • How it works if you're injured in an insured auto accident.
  • Which states make insurance for disability mandatory for most employers. The list includes California.
  • If you're self-employed or otherwise exempt from state regulations on insurance for disability, you still need to be protected. What's the best plan for you?
  • If you're an employee, does your employer provide coverage and is it adequate? Or do you need to supplement this?
  • How long should you be protected for? Do you need long term or short term disability insurance? What's the difference?
  • What about partial versus total disability benefits insurance?

Don't worry if all of this sounds confusing or overwhelming. The disability insurance experts at Schweickert & Company have the answers as well as details of all your options.

And because we're independent – not tied to any particular insurance company – and work with only the most reputable insurers, we can shop around to secure the most appropriate, best-value insurance for disability.

Save Money, Get Better Service

When you choose Schweickert & Co for your disability insurance, you can get:

  • One-on-one personal service.
  • Best-value protection, with renewal guarantees, for both long and short term disability insurance.
  • Advice on how to save money – for example by selecting shorter benefit or longer waiting periods.
  • Highest possible replacement proportion of regular income, with subsequent cost of living adjustments.
  • Guidance on joint employer-employee funding of premiums.
  • Expert knowledge of disability insurance issues for the self-employed.
  • Prompt answers to your questions.
  • Support if you need to file a claim.
  • Regular reviews of your coverage to ensure it keeps pace with your needs.

Other Options Including:

  • Terminal illness and survivor benefits.
  • Additional medical benefits.
  • Special protection for high-earners.
  • Premium refunds for no-claims.

No matter what your role in the employment chain, long or short term disability insurance is crucial for your financial survival and peace of mind. Schweickert & Company has the solution.

Learn more, get your questions answered and find out about costs for free and without obligation by clicking on the Free Quote request button on this page. Do this now and take this vital step to protecting your future.

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