California Medical Malpractice - Anesthesiologist Specialty

Schweickert & Company through our purchasing group "Physicians Benefit Alliance" has provided a reliable source for Anesthesiologists to find the best coverage for their Medical Professional Liability Insurance.

Our programs offer "Occurrence" policies, "Claims Made" policies and even "Claims Paid" policies. We offer the broadest coverage through all of the standard insurance companies including The Doctors Company, Medical Protective, NorCal, and Freedom Specialty(MGIS). We also represent CAP/MPT, the Cooperative of American Physicians, a trust which covers over 12,000 physicians.

We are able to provide primary limits of up to $5,00,000, and unlimited excess limits. Our programs typically will include:

  • Retro or Prior Acts coverage
  • Free Retirement Tail
  • Locums coverage
  • Administrative reimbursement
  • Limited Cyber Liability coverage

In addition to our standard insurance companies we have access to all of the "nonstandard carriers" through the surplus lines market place Some of these carriers include, Admiral, Evanston, General Star, Darwin, RSUI, and many others.

Our firm currently represents over 750 Anesthesiologist throughout the western part of the country. This includes single physicians up to groups as large as 65 members. Some of our clients have been with us for over 25 years and we keep adding new doctors all the time.

Our purchasing group, "Physicians Benefit Alliance" was formed in 1993 to provide a stable source of malpractice coverage to the many anesthesiologists who were our clients. Over the years, the program has been very stable with rate remaining level for as long as ten year in a row. The purpose of the purchasing group is to bring a large number of physicians together and to use their buying power to negotiate policy provisions and premiums with an insurance company.

Our objective is to be the best source in the marketplace for medical malpractice coverage for Anesthesiologist.

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