High Value Home Insurance

There comes a point in your property-owning life when you realize that you need specialist protection for those assets, above and beyond the provisions of a standard Homeowners Insurance policy.

That's when it's time to talk to Schweickert & Company about High Value Home Insurance -- a program tailor-made for your personal circumstances, that you'll know you can rely on if misfortune strikes.

You don’t have to be wealthy or live in a million-dollar-plus property to gain the protective benefits of High Value Homeowners Insurance. It provides a range of features that offer better financial protection, cover you against more risks, and provide greater compensation flexibility.

High Value Property Insurance Program

At Schweickert & Company, our High Value Home Insurance experts work with you to identify your needs and customize a plan that meets those needs. Our program offers a range of features including:

  • Comprehensive structural and contents insurance with significantly higher limits.
  • Special protection for high value personal possessions including jewelry, furnishings, antiques and collections, with full replacement value.
  • High level personal liability protection of up to $5 million or even more if required.
  • Cash-out option if your home is destroyed.
  • High Value Homeowners Insurance protection for items not normally covered in standard policies, like sewers and drains

Save On Your High Value Property Insurance With Schweickert & Company

Furthermore, we can secure the most competitive High End Home Insurance rates, and then show you how to save even more through valuable discounts.

Is it time to discover if you need High Value Homeowners Insurance or even whether your existing insurance adequately meets your needs? Find out without cost or obligation by completing our High Value Property Insurance Free Quote request on this page. Do it now -- don't leave it until it is too late to discover you're underinsured.